«People and their motivation to change are my key elements of successful transformation and strategy implementation.»

«People and their motivation to change are my key elements of successful transformation and strategy implementation»


I would like to share my extended experience as CEO and member of the Board of Directors of national and international companies in various industries, particularly in digital transformation, business development and leadership, in a tailored and focused approach. I shall do that with you as part of the senior management of interested companies and would be pleased to be an active part in respective transformation projects and their implementation.

Susanne Ruoff


Coaching Transformation Process in companies

Companies have always been confronted with change. Automation, digitalization and increasingly artificial intelligence are accelerating a comprehensive transformation exponentially along the entire supply and value chain. Challenges on management, employees, customers and partners, as well as on structures, processes and technologies, are drastically increasing. Senior leadership and management are to adapt to a promising vision and the corresponding strategic orientation, thereafter imperatively to be transformed and implemented.

Due to many years of experience as CEO and member of the Board of Directors, I am very familiar with these challenges and may contribute a great deal of “lessons learned”.

Hence, I am used to quickly putting myself in the shoes of national and international companies of all sizes, industries and cultures. Interested companies can count on my tailored and focused support for their growth and transformation projects.

Based on mutual trust and in close cooperation with management and Board of Directors, I am supporting them in their strategic orientation towards growth options and subsequently in the consistent implementation of the transformation, particularly in digital transformation.

Personal Advisor, Coach and Sparring Partner

Having been in various leadership roles, I know how important it is to have a trustful exchange with an experienced leader who is not part of the same company. Possible topics are diverse and may range from business to leadership issues, interaction with media, stakeholders, or risk mitigation, etc.

Hence, I am also pleased to serve as a mentor for future executives.

Trigger behavioral change through immersive learning

In workshops we uncover non-inclusive behavior in typical workplace scenarios using immersive learning in virtual reality. The goal of the workshop is to address cognitive implicit biases, focusing on unconscious bias. The workshop helps raise employee awareness and ignite positive momentum and discussion around diversity. Thanks to virtual reality immersion, the learning experience has a longer lasting impact on employees compared to traditional methods.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The economy needs more women on the executive floors – there is a consensus on that. The question is: Why do highly qualified women still get stuck on the career ladder? What or who is holding them back? And how do ambitious women make it to the top?

As leaders, we have both overcome hurdles with commitment, fought out conflicts with passion, managed corporations (Susanne) or editorial offices (Christine) with decisiveness and success. For many years, we have also been coaching and mentoring female high potentials in their next career steps. In the process, we have made the experience: In order to bring women to the top, male managers absolutely have to be on board!

We are now bringing all our experience together in our three-part workshop.
«Women – Get Ready Go Forward!»
for SMEs, Coroprates and other organizations.


Key note Speaker

Sharing of experiences as well as disseminating of “lessons learned” are met with great interest and do create added-value.

These topics are in my focus:

  • Business Resilience as a top Board priority
  • Influence of corporate culture on the success of digital transformation
  • ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) and why we need to focus
  • Woman and Leadership
  • Implications of corporate culture on a successful transformation

2023 (some of the Speeches and Panels Susanne Ruoff)
12.01.2023 plunk Customer Event/Speech: Business Resilience as a Top Priority
23.03.2023 Swiss Who is Who Lausanne
05.05.2023 Agro Forum Event/Speech: Von grossen Organisationen zu kleinen Organisationen
11.05.2023 WoMen Community
09.09.2023 Swiss Diversity: Silver workforce and beyond
07.11.2023 Mentoring zu Sponsoring
10.11.2023 fenaco Netzwerk Anlass/Les femmes dans le monde du travail
16.11.2023 fenaco Netzwerk Anlass/Frauen in der Arbeitswelt


Competences and experience

  • Over 30 years of leadership experience in management and specialist functions, both nationally and internationally
  • More than 12 years as a CEO of Swiss Post, BT (British Telecom) and IBM Global Technology Services in national and international groups, most recently as CEO of Swiss Post with 60,000 employees out of 148 nations, of which around 8,000 are based abroad
  • In-depth knowledge of technologies, change management and transformation, particularly digital transformation (SwissPost, IBM and BT)
  • Solid implementation experience in digital transformation (Swiss Post), particularly in logistics, banking, service services, telecommunications as well as the technology industry in general
  • Many years of experience as a member of the Boards of PostFinance AG, GEBERIT AG, BEDAG Informatik AG; member of the Foundation Board of IBM Pensionskasse; member of the Board of Directors of the International Postal Corporation; CTT Correios Portugal, Eldora SA, Rolle; Createq SA , Pfäffikon SZ.
  • member of the Advisory Boards of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL))

Specific competencies

  • Business development & innovation to achieve growth
  • Directing comprehensive transformation projects as well as corporate
  • Structured management of large digital transformation processes
  • Setting up the associated governance & compliance as well as customer benefit and customer journey process
  • Preparation for event/crisis management and dealing with media
  • Risk management
  • Anticipatory action with regard to assessing the future of a companyRedesign of corporate structures and their implementation (divisional to functional and vice versa)




2022 – today

2020 – today

2020 – today

various companies (confidential mandats)

2020 – 2022

2019 – 2021

2019 – 2021

Board of Directors and Advisory Boards

2020 – today
CTT Correios de Portugal SA, (Post of Portugal), Lissabon
Member of the Board & the Remuneration and Organisation Committee

2020 – today
Eldora SA, Rolle (Switzerland)
Member of the Board & Chairwomen of Remuneration and Organisaiton Committee

2022 – today
Createq, Switzerland
Member of the Board

2021 – heute
EPFL, Lausanne
Member of the Strategic Advisory Board

Emirates Post, Dubai (UAE)
Strategic Advisor to the Board

2013 – 2018
PostFinance (Switzerland)
Member of the Board & the Remuneration and Organisaion Committee

2012 – 2016
International Postal Corporation, Brussels
Member of the Board of Directors

2011 – 2012
(Information Technology Company and Software development for states and communities)
Member of the Board of Directors

2010 – 2012
ETH Zurich/ Computer Science
Member of the Industrial Advisory Board

2009 – 2013
Geberit International Ltd. (European market leader for sanitary products)
Member of the Board of Directors of  and member of the Organization and Remuneration Committee

2006 – 2009
IBM CEMEAS Region (Central East Middle East, Austria and Switzerland)
Diversity Leader

2000 – 2006
IBM Switzerland (Employer side)
Board Member of the Pension Fund

Honorary foundations and patronage committee

Member of the Foundation: explore-it.org
Enthusiasm for technology! Material for elementary school to promote STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from an early age!

Patronage Committee: Mensch21: mensch21.ch
Mensch21! is the voice of people with trisomy21 who are an inclusive part of our society. We support their independence and recognition as an equal part of society.


Personal relationship is at the core of our services!

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